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Halfway Between Kyoto and 2050
Zero Carbon Is a Highly Unlikely Outcome
Caught in the Headlines
Fraser Institute
Vaclav Smil
This essay evaluates past carbon emission reduction and the feasibility of eliminating fossil fuels to achieve net-zero carbon by 2050. Despite international agreements, government spending and regulations, and technological advancements, global fossil fuel consumption surged by 55 percent between 1997 and 2023. And the share of fossil fuels in global energy consumption has only decreased ...
Consol Energy aims to be a leading force in slowing the shift to renewable energy
With 20 years left of coal under its Western Pa. mining complex, company says move to renewables can't happen at high speed
News Flash
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Anya Litvak
Pacing is a multifaceted theme at Consol Energy Inc., a 160-year-old coal mining company with its headquarters in the oil and gas mecca of Southpointe in Washington County. At the entrance to the mine’s portal in Prosperity is the first of many “Not So Fast” signs. A perfectly reasonable interpretation of the sign’s message is ...
Breathe a Little Easier: Why America’s Air is Among the Cleanest in the World
Caught in the Headlines
Institute for Energy Research
Alexander Stevens , Jordan McGillis
Breathe a Little Easier is part of our ongoing effort to explain the role that energy has played in improving human living standards over the past two centuries. This project examines trends in air quality in the U.S. in order to push back at the doom-and-gloom narratives that dominate so much of our thinking about energy ...
The green energy ‘transition’ is simply not happening. Nor will it happen soon, or cheaply
We haven’t even reached Peak Wood, let alone Peak Oil or Peak Coal
The Telegraph
David Blackmon
Few energy analysts enjoy the level of global respect accorded to Vaclav Smil, a distinguished professor emeritus at the University of Manitoba and a best-selling author of 47 books. In his latest publication, a 48-page report titled “Halfway Between Kyoto and 2050: Net Zero Carbon Is a Highly Unlikely Outcome” Smil details efforts to date ...
Wyoming Miners Say U.S. Not Getting Truth About Coal, So They’ll Have To Do It
One of the underlying themes of this week’s Wyoming Mining Association convention in Cody is that the American public is being fed misinformation about coal, so it's up to them to do something about it.
Cowboy State Daily
Pat Maio
One of the subtle themes emerging from the Wyoming Mining Association’s annual convention in this Western-themed town on the edge of Yellowstone National Park is a heady conversation of messaging being developed to counter Washington, D.C.’s anti-fossil fuel policymakers. ...
Two-minute descent: Enlow Fork Mine tour offers rare glimpse into ‘underground city’
News Flash
Karen Mansfield
At the start of their shift, the coal miners working on Enlow Fork Mine’s H-3 longwall section step into a black steel elevator and descend 800 feet underground, where they walk out through a heavy airlock door and into a part of the earth that few people ever see. It’s a two-minute trip to the ...