Coal & Sustainability

The Future Isn’t So Black & White.

For years, sustainability has been painted as a battle between responsible environmental practices and human productivity—but the truth is, these ideas are not mutually exclusive. Over the last few decades, the coal industry has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into safety and environmental stewardship projects. It has pioneered advancements that enable responsible coal mining and technologies that seek to reduce environmental impacts beginning with mine planning through coal utilization.

Coal Plays a Role in Achieving Global Economic, Social, and Environmental Aspirations.

What About Renewable Energy?

We’re so glad you asked.

A transition to renewable energy will occur over decades, and even the most aggressive scenarios for a net-zero economy by 2050 acknowledge that coal will continue to be utilized. When used sustainably and equipped with emissions mitigation technologies like Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage (CCUS), coal will complement other sources of energy while continuing to be used in metallurgical and industrial applications that promote sustainable infrastructure development.